¿Cómo funciona el sistema de recepción de Courier en la bodega de Miami?

-- Posted: February 5, 2014 -- By: General Cargo
  1. Creation and reception of the Warehouse Receipt (Miami, Fl)
  2. Report sent through email or fax (Customer Service Guatemala)
  3. A call is placed to the customer to ensure report was received, 12PM (Customer Service Guatemala)
  4. Confirmation from the client before 12PM (Customer Service Guatemala)
  5. Invoices are sent to the Courier’s processing clerk before 3PM (Customer Service Guatemala)
  6. Manifest is sent electronically, 3PM (Courier Processing)
  7. Plane lands in Guatemala City at 3AM (Airline)
  8. Delivery to Import Warehouse at Combex, 3:30-5AM (Airline)
  9. Review and valuation of cargo by SAT, 7:30 AM
  10. Consolidated Courier, if value is less than US $1,000.00
  11. Data entry for the Courier Invoice (Courier’s processing clerk)
  12. Invoicing, 11AM-12PM (Invoice Clerk)
  13. Delivery confirmation, 12PM (Operations)
  14. Invoices are sent to Transportation
  15. Creation of the route and delivery, 2PM (Transport)