¿Cómo funciona el proceso de papelería para el tramite de consolidado en puerto?

-- Posted: February 5, 2014 -- By: General Cargo
  1. Classification and creation of the documentation for TO or DA, depending of which regime you use.
  2. All the paperwork is sent to the port: Bill of Landing, P/LS and TO.
  3. Request for Temporary Container Arrival and space in the convoy for the next day.
  4. The container goes through a traffic light system:
    1. Green: Wait for the container release and it is set to leave the port, heading to the garage.
    2. Red: Request for inspection, made the same day that the documents arrive at the port, as long as the office clerk can get ahead on requesting such inspection. After it has been inspected, the container gets a customs mark.
  5. When the cargo is released, it is scheduled to ride in the convoy that starts its journey at 4AM, going through the garage of the shipping company to check the customs mark and remove the lock that left the port with and it heads to the warehouse.
  6. After drafting the letter for a place in the convoy 1 day ahead, the container is load and the driver delivers the documents to the warehouse personnel, who stamp the TO.
  7. Paperwork to be handed over to the customs office SAT:
    1. Green: Import documents, copy of the drivers’ license and ATC.
    2. Red: Import documents, copy of the drivers’ license, ATC and the ticket for the customs mark.
  8. Unload and match of the cargo with the manifesto.
  9. The process for clearing customs begins.