¿Cómo funciona el proceso administrativo en General Cargo al momento de recibir mi carga?

-- Posted: February 5, 2014 -- By: General Cargo
  1. Tax calculation (Customs)
  2. Request and payment of the tax values (Import Documents)
  3. Import Documents authorization (Document Analyst)
  4. Build document sets to present to customs, 2PM (Inspector)
  5. Document presentation and process at Express Aéreo Customs, 3PM (Air Cargo Clerk)
  6. Import documents release and transport request (Air Cargo Clerk)
  7. Report to Operations, to enter warehouse (Transport)
  8. Delivery of all documentation to Invoice clerk (Operations)
  9. Delivery confirmation (Operations)
  10. Invoice delivery to Transport (Messenger)
  11. Trucks leave Express Aéreo Customs
  12. Sorting of cargo for delivery, 4PM